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Feminine sophistication, fluidity, harmonious color combinations and textural dimension.

Organic meets Eclectic

Shari’s designs embody the intricacy and fluidity of nature. Her eclectic style integrates a vibrant palette of stones with precious and semi-precious metals. She artfully blends the essence of nature with a timeless aesthetic.

Upcoming Shows

Holiday Trunk Show
November 29th, Kenmore Wa
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Event website

Windermere Ballard Boutique Day
December 7th
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Event website

 What do I consider a successful design? It’s when texture and dimension are present and accounted for, and align in a visually pleasing way. That’s when I’m on my way to being happy with the piece. Then, there is that undefinable special something that just makes the piece ‘work.’

— Shari Both, Designer

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