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About Shari

Artist Shari Both believes that every time a woman dons a piece of jewelry, it should be a magical experience rife with opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the item and acknowledge her own strength and beauty in turn.

Shari’s lifelong passion for jewelry is immediately apparent in the quality, care and deeply intricate attention to detail she puts into every piece. Drawing on both her background in graphic design and her extensive knowledge of jewelry making techniques, Shari’s portfolio of jewelry pieces boasts a broad and eclectic array, speaking to her understanding as to what appeals to collectors of handcrafted pieces as well as her own romantic nature.

Each piece is created to represent the balance and harmony among elements found in nature, presented in a format that is once beautifully unrefined but also carefully and intentionally crafted. She seeks to infuse every piece she creates with elements of feminine fluidity, with the harmonious nature of color combinations against texture and dimension, and with the beauty and magic that she believes every piece should contain.

“What do I consider a successful design? It’s when texture and dimension are present and accounted for, and align in a visually pleasing way. That’s when I’m on my way to being happy with the piece. Then, there is that undefinable special something that just makes the piece ‘work.’” — Shari Both, Designer

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