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About Shari

Artist Shari Both is a creative alchemist, transforming wire, semi-precious stones and metal into beguiling earrings, necklaces and bracelets that express her romantic nature and echo her passion for the outdoors.

Shari’s lifelong love of jewelry and her understanding of what appeals to collectors of handcrafted adornment is evident in her eclectic portfolio of original pieces, which display a studied attention to detail, a strong grasp of wire wrapping techniques and a design eye honed from years as a professional graphic designer.

Shari strives to create jewelry that is beautiful to look at—and beautiful to wear. Through every Shari Both design runs a common thread of feminine sophistication and fluidity, paired with harmonious color combinations and textural dimension.

“Putting on jewelry should be a magical experience, one that embraces many of the senses. A great piece will feel wonderful on the skin, sound beautiful and move with energy and grace.”

Shari creates out of her home studio in Kenmore, WA, overlooking her backyard garden and surrounded by pages torn from an eclectic assortment of magazines, inspiration boards and personal mementos. An extensive stash of semi-precious stones, metals and handmade components in myriad colors, shapes and sizes provides inspiration and limitless design opportunities. Sometimes Shari sketches out her ideas in detail and other times they flower from the pushing, pulling and manipulating of the stones and other design elements until a pleasing result is achieved. Always at the back of her mind is the mystery of hidden treasure and the notion of old world allure.

When not in the studio, Shari gets her creativity on with daily nature walks, accompanied by the family’s rescued greyhound, Ella.

Shari Both Jewelry Design was founded in 2000. Shari’s jewelry can be found in select boutiques, shops and galleries across the country.


“What do I consider a successful design? It’s when texture and dimension are present and accounted for, and align in a visually pleasing way. That’s when I’m on my way to being happy with the piece. Then, there is that undefinable special something that just makes the piece ‘work.’” — Shari Both, Designer

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